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Coated glass
SOLAR-Xreflex glass is also called solar coated glass. Compared withtraditional windshields, SOLAR-X reflex windshield has more excellentperformance.

Product performance characteristics

With special LOW-E coated layer,SOLAR-X reflex glass has good functionof heat insulation and energy saving from the air conditioner of the vehicle.The inside shading coefficient of Solar reflex glass is 1.38 times to thetraditional windshield.
◆High transmittance of light
The visible light transmittance of SOLAR REFELX windshield is from 70%-75%. Itmake the driver a clear view and comfortable feeling when driving

◆Excellentsunlight reflection

Withspecial LOW-E coated layer, SOLAR-X reflex glass has good performance on sunlightreflection, up to 99% of UV is blocked outside of the vehicle, sunlightreflection is 15% higher than traditional windshield.

◆Uniquefashionable appearance

With the special color of lightblue/purple, SOLAR-X reflex windshield looks more luxury than common windshield.